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Ensenada Photographers Honored

Pictures and still images of landscapes, cityscapes and other scenes of Baja California actually play very important roles which not many of us are aware of. For one, pictures of Baja California, whether they portray a momentous event or a seemingly trivial scene, contribute to the preservation, documentation and communication of events, opinions and ideas. A news article for instance would not be as strong if it were just presented as plain text. But with an accompanying image, a whole array of emotions and ideas can be communicated and preserved for posterity.

Images also help tourists, visitors and vacationers in forming their own ideas of Baja California. The city of Tijuana in Baja for instance, one can use up a million and more words to describe its vibrance, vitality and energy. But a single picture of Tijuana could also create a more concrete, visible picture of what that Baja Californian city is like.

And so because of the important roles that pictures and photographs play, a tribute to the people behind the lenses of these cameras seems called for. And this tribute did in fact come to be paid when a handful of selected photographers from Ensenada, Baja California were honored through a small ceremony.

These select photographers from the capital city of Ensenada were given praise due to their contribution to the newly published “Paisaje Natural del Estado de Baja California”, a book with features numerous pictures of the Baja California peninsula along with written text describing the beauty of the place.

This book was published thanks to the Secretaría de Protección al Ambiente of Baja California along with the participation and help of Instituto de Cultura de Baja California. Many honored guests also attended the said event including representatives and government officials from the Institute of Culture in Ensenada, the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Environmental Impact, Municipality of Ecology and the Centro Estatal de las Artes of Baja California.

Some of the images chosen to be included in this 800 page soft bounded book were taken by the winners and participants of a photography contest held in Baja California entitled “Primera Muestra Fotográfica de Paisaje Natural del Estado de Baja California”. The said book would not be available to the public in local bookstores but officials involved are already planning to perform a second reprinting in order that other residents and admirers of Baja California may get a copy.

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