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Ensenada golf courses

Golfing is a very relaxing sport because of its pleasant, untroubled pace and its proximity with natural outdoor sceneries. And golfing is one of the many recreational activities in Ensenada, Baja California that both vacationers and locals enjoy doing. Fortunately, there are three very impressive golf courses in Ensenada that golfing pros and amateurs can try out.

Baja Country Club
Ensenada’s geography is quiet diverse, having deserts, valleys, mountain ranges and coastal areas in and around the municipality. The Baja Country Club golf course is located in a valley from where you can see the silhouetted peaks of the Baja California mountain ranges. The vibrant green lawns are spotted with large, leafy oak trees and towering palm trees.

Because of the beautiful surroundings and Ensenada’s mild Mediterranean climate, golfers at the Baja Country Club are sure to enjoy walking from hole to hole in this large golfing facility. The Mediterranean weather also means golfers can enjoy a relaxing game without the worry of rain or even drizzles.

At the moment, there are no housing developments near the Baja Country Club, ensuring that golfers can enjoy a quiet, peaceful 9 or 18-hole game. The Baja Country Club also has a clubhouse where golfers can go to for an after-golf dip at the pool or a relaxing time in the hot tubs and the sauna. The price range is somewhere around $47 for an 18-hole game and $36 for a 9-hole game of golf.

Bajamar Ocean Front Golf Resort
Measuring a vast 6,900 yards, the Bajamar Ocean Front Golf course is large enough to host 27 holes, or three sets of 9-holes featuring distinct landscapes and requiring different golfing strategies and skills.

Bajamar’s Lagos nine features expansive and relatively flat emerald green lawns with the Baja California peninsular mountain ranges looming in the far background. Several man-made lakes where colorful fishes and plants reside however, are strategically placed posing a fun challenge to the golfers.

The Vista nine on the other hand, challenges pro and amateur golfers in a different way. Bajamar Ocean Front golf course’s Vista nine has no lakes and water forms where a straying golf ball might suddenly splash into. However, this set of 9-holes has a multi-level landscapes. Greens gently slope up and down, challenging the players by tricking the eyes.

The most breathtaking 9-hole set in Bajamar is no doubt the Oceano nine. Golfers can enjoy the view of the coast, the twittering of the seagulls, and the sound of the waves as the crash on rocks, not realizing that the golf course will eventually lead them into the ocean.

Bajamar Ocean Front Golf Resort (Turistico)
Designer: Percy Clifford, Robert Von Hagge y David Fleming
Carr. Escenica km 77.5
Ph. (+52-646) 155-0151

$ 89 usd
$ 69 usd

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