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Ensenada Arts and Crafts Fair on 3rd of May

The much awaited inaugural fair called the Feria Artesanal Arts and Crafts Fair was announced to be held on the 3rd of May, 2008. The fair itself would last from 10 in the morning until 6 at night, and the venue for this much-awaited event would be at the Centro Artesanal Ensenada or the Ensenada Artistan Center.

Whether you are tourist looking for a culturally and artistically unique souvenir, an art buyer on the look out for the next big name in the art scene, an artist hoping to have your vision and talent discovered, or simply an individual who has an inclination for beautiful, ingenious works of arts and craft, then the up coming Feria Artesanal Arts and Crafts Fair is sure to intrigue, excite and entice you.

Of course, art and craft exhibits would be a vital part of this fair in Baja California and for this year, more than 50 craftsmen and artists would participate and showcase their craft. Everyone from ceramicists such as Cecilia Bitterlin, painters like Gloria Leticia Gonzalez and Sue McDevitt, scuptors such Alfonso Aramula, jewelry designers like Cristina Rendon, loom weavers such as Alberto Cruz, professional photographers like Octavio Meillon, and even shell and feather craftsman Roberto Gallego would showcase their work and their talents at the Feria Artesanal Arts and Crafts Fair.

Like most fairs in Baja California, the Ensenada Arts and Crafts Fair would also have a very fiesta-like atmosphere complete with cultural entertainment in the form of live bands and dance troupes, arts and crafts stores and stalls, and plenty of delicious Mexican food and drinks for sale.

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