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Eco Lodge and Spa in Tecate

If you ever happen to need some time to relax, reflect and pamper your minds and bodies, consider visiting a certain eco-lodge and spa in Tecate, Baja California called the Rancho Los Chabacanos and you will be in for a wonderful treat.

Located in the naturally blessed and magnificently beautiful peninsula of Baja California, the Rancho Los Chabacanos exemplifies the rustic beauty and inner peace that the immaculate surroundings of Tecate can invoke. Unlike other lodgings and hotels in Tecate or in other cities in the peninsula, Rancho Los Chabacanos does not just simply offer room accommodations to their guests but they also offer spa therapies and programs to mind- and body-weary travelers and vacationers.

The entire premises of the Rancho Los Chabacanos is located among quiet and fresh grassy lawns, pictures deserts and fine sanded beaches. Here, guests can enjoy the comfort and luxury of their Rancho Los Chabacanos rooms and suites away from the bustle and noise of the city. The lodge also has a restaurant, swimming pool and a lounging area, however the main focus of the lodge is its jewel of a spa.

Rancho Los Chabacanos’ Spa is a heaven of comfort and relaxation. Like other spas, they offer spa services such as manicures, pedicures, mud baths, facials and different kinds of massages. Other than the many kinds of spa therapies and services that is offered at the Rancho Los Chabacanos, another great thing about it is its very affordable rates and packages. We all know that pampering yourself for day in a spa entails plenty of money since spa treatments and therapies are nothing but cheap. However Rancho Los Chabacanos offers spa treatments and programs that are of great quality and yet will not break your wallets.

A holistic massage at the Rancho Los Chabacanos Spa which will last for more than one hour for instance, will cost you a mere $75. Compared to spas in the United States where a one hour massage may cost somewhere between $100 to a whopping $500, this price is very affordable. Other favorite spa treatments at the Rancho Los Chabacanos are their mud bath therapies which cost just $35 for an hour long treatment. There is also the hot stone massages worth $65 and lasts for one hour, and the Los Chabacanos relaxing massages that are also available for $65. A favorite signature treatment however is the Temazcal therapy treatment with lasts for one hour and costs just $25. You can also check their website or call them to know of existing promos and spa packages in order to save lots of money which you can then use on other Baja recreational activities.

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