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Diving in Cabo Pulmo reefs

Discover a whole new different world beneath the pristine waters of San Jose del Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is the reservoir of among the most beautiful and diverse marine ecosystem in the world. Its unparalleled beauty has been the interest of various divers and marine scientist.

Located about sixty miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas is the expansive manine protected park- Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. The bay of Cabo Pulmo provides for one of the most amazing living reefs and the only hard coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the home of some of the most impressive variety of sea creatures that include whales, manta rays, sea turtles, sea lions and hundreds of species of fish.

Get close and personal with at least five species of endangered sea turtles in the reef of Cabo Pulmo. These sea turtles feed, grow and nest on these waters as they depart for the waters of Japan, south Mexico and Hawaii. Gray whales can also been seen among these waters. Gray whales are observed between the months of December and May as they passed through the Mexican Waters and Alaska.

You should also never miss out the graceful sweep of the manta rays. The manta rays are known for their large pectoral fins that gracefully glide through the azure waters. Of course, there are the playful and exuberant sea lions that are always friendly to people, particularly to snorkelers.

So dive into the beautiful waters of San Jose del Cabo and admire what lies beneath. It wouldn’t really matter whether you are a novice or professional diver, the different beaches of San Jose will just be perfect for you. Try also the Playa Chileno which is located near Hotel Cabo San Lucas at Km. 14.

For diving equipment rentals and apparels, check out Vista Sea Sport at Apartado Postal #42, Buena Vista with contact coordinates 011-52 (624) 141-0031. The store managers, Mark and Jennifer Rayor, will help you make your diving experience memorable and enjoyable.

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