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Dive in Cabo San Lucas

Imagine a place with a mild Mediterranean weather, where the sun shines 300 days a year and winter seasons are flavored with a mild fall of rain. Imagine further that this place is situated at the southernmost tip of a peninsula where two abundant and majestic bodies of water meet and mingle. This paradise-like place is a bed of resorts, hotels and recreational facilities whose shores are lined with perfect white sand beaches. Beyond the beaches are a variety of diving spots and distinct marine areas making snorkeling and scuba diving one of the best pastimes in the area. If you are asking yourself where such a place so fit for scuba diving exists, look no further because you are to find such and such a place in Baja California.

Located in Los Cabos, Baja California and known to many simply as Cabo, Cabo San Lucas is a little resort town found at the southern end of Baja California Sur. There is but a few places in the entire peninsula that can rival Cabo San Lucas’ diving experience and thousands of tourists come to Cabo specifically to dive and discover the wonders found beyond Cabo’s shoreline.

What’s great about Cabo diving hot spots is that you need not venture so very far out into the ocean to find great diving areas. Many favorite diving sites in Cabo San Lucas are a mere 10- to 25-minute boat ride from the harbor and marina. Not only is that convenient, but it is also comfortably reassuring to know that necessary facilities are located a few minutes from anywhere you maybe.

Cabo San Lucas offers diving experiences for both amateur and expert divers. For amateur divers, especially adventurous vacationers and tourists who want to explore the hidden beauty of Baja California from beneath its clear blue waves, you are sure to enjoy the many clear and easy diving sites in Cabo San Lucas. Pelican Rock is a popular diving site for beginning snorkelers and divers because of the thousands of colorful fishes and vividly unique marine rock formations. You can even take your entire family to go diving here along with diving guides to explore the marine environment of Los Cabos together.

Whether you are a child or not, you are sure to enjoy the delightful play of sea lions and dolphins that are a common part of Cabo diving. These playful creatures are known to swim up to snorkelers and scuba divers to show off their jumps and turns to the amazement of tourists and vacationers. You may also see the gigantic yet gentle whale shark and be able to swim beside this plankton-eating behemoth while diving in Cabo San Lucas.

Other diving sites in Cabo San Lucas are the Chileno Reef and the Playa del Amor reef. These places offer diving experiences for scuba divers off all levels. You can try night diving to see millions of plankton glowing in the dark waters or try exploring a sunken vessel through wreck diving. There are marine cliffs to discover and millions of colorful coral fishes to swim with in Cabo. For a special diving experience, take the plunge in Baja California’s Cabo San Lucas.

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