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The peninsula of Baja California is nothing short of a gastronomic paradise, and what better way to experience the food and cuisine of Baja than through its many restaurants. From north to south, Tijuana to Los Cabos, there can be found a multitude of restaurants of all sorts and varieties, making dining in Baja California a truly gastronomic adventure.

Because you are in Baja California, expect to find a slew of Mexican restaurants all over the peninsula. Mexican cuisine is known for their colorful, fresh ingredients and flavorful taste which makes them a favorite of both children and adults of all nationalities. And since you are in Mexico, you are sure to be served authentic Mexican dishes in Baja restaurants, many of which in fact maybe made from traditional family recipes passed from generation to generation.

Seafood restaurants are also very popular in Baja California. And this is not so very surprising because of the fact that the peninsula is located between two bountiful bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Sea of Cortez at the right. Tuna, crab, salmon, squid, clams, octopus, manta ray, lobster, and caviar are just some of the staple seafood ingredients served as grills, stews, steaks and soups in the many seafood restaurants of Baja California.

Baja California’s deserts also provide Baja restaurants with unique ingredients to cook and serve up to their customers. Where else in the world can you order a cactus salad, grilled cactus and or a fish and cactus salad than in Baja California restaurants and other dining places.

For those craving for Italian, Chinese, American, Spanish, Japanese or other international cuisines, you are also guaranteed to find plenty of restaurants that serve them all over the peninsula. There are also loads of bakeries, cafés, delis, pastry shops, wine shops, bars and even food markets in every city and municipality of Baja California.

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