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Conference of Artists and Supporters Held in Rosarito

Who said Todos Santos is the only city which encourages and supports the cultural growth of its artists and locals? Just last month, the 24th of January 2008 to be more specific, the very first Artist Convention in Rosarito, Baja California was held and with great success.

The Rosarito Artist Conference was well attended, both locals and foreign participants residing in Rosarito have made the effort of attending the said gathering. During this pioneering cultural and artistic conference in Rosarito City, Baja California Norte which was attended by more than a hundred artists, students, media practitioners, art lovers and members of the academe, several very good announcements were made.

One such announcement stated that the Rosarito Municipal Center for the Arts and Culture (locally called the Centro Municipal de Arte y Cultura) along with the State Cultural Institute (the ICBC or the Instituto de Cultura de Baja California) would work together to encourage and support cultural and artistic activities and events in Rosarito.

Even Rosarito mayor Torres who was not able to attend extended his welcome and gratitude to the participants of the said conference. Many artistic and cultural projects and events were proposed, many of which target different goals and people. There were projects proposed which aim to encourage creativity and love of local culture for art students while others were proposed to bolster tourism.

Hopefully, the City of Rosarito would soon find these projects a reality and many more of these productive cultural conventions would be held in the future.

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