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Community Clean up at Primo Tapia

The citizens of the suburban community of Primo Tapia in Rosarito in Baja California, lead by the members of its Christian community, showed their love towards their hometown through a voluntary community-wide clean up on December 15, Saturday. Called the Amando Primo Tapia clean-up, which when translated to English reads as Loving Primo Tapia, the volunteer residents of the community show their appreciation and love towards the place where they all live by giving back to the neighborhood.

According to the pastor of Primo Tapia Christian group, the reputation and appeal of Primo Tapia has lessened due to the rampant graffiti vandalism, drug addiction and littering in this once very peaceful and clean community of Rosarito. Thus, it is the aim of the clean-up to remove this growing negative shadow looming over their community through the active participation and community building of its residents.

The Primo Tapia clean-up volunteers were comprised of people from all walks of life and of different ages. Throughout the day, young children and teenagers cleaned cars, swept sidewalks, cleaned public places such as the cemetery, basketball court, parks and open areas, and distributed stickers displaying the words “Amando a Primo Tapia” all over the town. The parents and other adults on the other hand cleaned of the graffiti marring the city’s walls and other properties by painting them. They even asked the young kids to paint their now blank walls with colorful drawings and images.

The Christian community of Primo Tapia along with its many volunteers state that this is not a one-time program. In fact, they plan on doing this community-wide clean-up at least twice or thrice a year.

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