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Coconuts and Pineapples

Whenever I imagine a vacation getaway, the image that usually comes to mind is myself lounging on a deck chair along a white sand beach enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sound of gently lapping waves while sipping a pineapple or coconut drink with its little umbrella garnish on the side. With this somewhat stereotypical yet still appealing idea on my mind, I arranged for my family to spend the New Year in Cabo San Lucas to finally make this long-unfulfilled daydream a reality.

We booked a two bedroom suite at a resort hotel in Cabo and were pleasantly surprised that we were moved to a three bedroom oceanfront villa for no extra costs because the suite we have booked had some plumbing problems after the last occupant left. Thus, we were able to enjoy the luxurious and spacious villa during our week long stay without having to pay any additional costs to the hotel.

The resort villa was sight to behold. It had three absolutely gorgeous bedrooms, all of which had a mini sitting area and private bathroom of its own. The two smaller bedrooms had double double beds each which our three children and the two dogs declared as their territory the moment we enter the villa. The master bedroom which my husband and I got to occupy was simply amazing. It featured a queen size water bed, a small sitting area, a private bathroom with a bathtub, and a private terrace with a magnificent view of the beach. The villa also had a kitchen, lounge area, dinning area and a small patio with a swing set and hammocks.

Upon arrival, we were given what else but coconuts with straws and little colorful umbrellas and a strand of stringed orchids were placed around our necks. We ate breakfast in the outdoor area of the hotel restaurant while a host from the hotel resort gave us suggestions as to what recreational activities to book during the week we would be with them.

After breakfast, we changed to our swim suits and quickly headed for the glimmering white sand beach bordering the crystal clear blue La Paz waters which we could see from within our beach front villa. The children immediately made use of their plastic shovels and pails and set to work creating sand castles while my husband and I laid out beach blankets to use for sunbathing. After a few minutes, a waitress from the resort’s beachside bar brought us pineapple drinks placed in halved pineapples.

It was nothing short of amazing how they actually delivered what I was hoping to experience without my even asking them. The entire week in Cabo San Lucas was spent swimming, sun bathing, diving, strolling along the store-lined streets of Cabo San Lucas and visiting tourist spots. It was a wonderful vacation experience and we brought home plenty of pictures, souvenirs and happy memories filled with images of waves, white sand, coconuts and pineapples with us.

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