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Chinese Automotive Factory to be Built in Baja Canceled

The border city of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico was planned to be the future site of a Chinese automotive factory, however, plans were canceled due to unexpected rail link problems.

For some time now, officials in Baja California have been working to secure a commercial relationship with China. And it was expected that the construction of the said Chinese automotive plant in Tijuana City would be the very first Baja California-China commercial venture. The planning however, was stopped due to an unexpected rail link problem.

The said Chinese company that was to built a facility in Baja California is Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co. along with its U.S. counterpart and partner, Chamco. Chamco Chairman, William Pollack, said that a rail link critical to the facility would be available three years later than the period they had originally thought. This vital rail access, he said, was the reason why the automotive plant would be built somewhere else in Mexico instead of in Baja California.

The construction of the Chinese automotive factory in Baja California was a welcome idea to local government. Not only will it generate more employment but Chinese vehicles would also be introduced and sold in Baja California because of this. The plant would also have generated a new export product from Baja California, in this case, automobiles.

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