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Charity Golf Event for Baja Scholars

Poverty is said to be the number enemy to education in most countries in the world. The lack of money to spend on tuition fee, school books, uniforms and transportation is something many people say is the cause why they were not able to finish their school.

The same can also be said for out of school youths living in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico. Many of them are unable to be sent to school even if they and their families want to because of the restrictions that poverty imposes. Thankfully, not all of these children are robbed of their rights to educations thanks to the help of the Baja Scholarship Foundation (BSF).

The Baja Scholarship Foundation was established more than a decade ago with the goal of raising funds which would then be given to children in Baja California who need and deserve the help in order for the children to attend school. The 12 year non profit, charity foundation has raised money for elementary, high school and college scholars in Baja California.

In order to further the cause of their organization, the Baja Scholarship Foundation would now hold the very first Annual Baja Scholarship Foundation Charity Golf Event at the famous Baja Country Club on the 12th of July, 2008. Everyone is encouraged and invited to participate in this new event since the proceeds would of course go to a noble cause.

For those wishing to compete in the charity golfing tournament, a $65 entry fee would be necessary and it would include not just the golf equipment and cart, but also the fee for the refreshments, food and prizes. For those who want to watch and eat with the participants, a minimal fee of just $8 is needed. Not a big deal if you think about it since you would be giving just a small fee for a wonderful day of golfing and know that you have also helped a child attend school.

If you want to make a donation, checks for the charity golf tournament can be sent to the Baja Scholarship Foundation at POB 39060, PMB 250, San Diego, CA 92143. If you want more information regarding the event, the foundation or anything related to the Baja Scholarship Foundation, feel free to call at (646) 155-4134, send an email to, or visit

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