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Celebrating the 90th Carnaval of Ensenada

Every year in the past 90 years, the annual Carnaval of Ensenada has been celebrated in the capital city of Ensenada in the Baja California peninsula. Somewhat like the Mexican equivalent of the famous Mardi Gras in Brazil and Italy, the Ensenada Carnaval is considered as the biggest and most-awaited celebration of the year for the entire municipality.

Several days, or weeks even, before the said celebration, you would find tourists and vacationers in there thousands coming from sea, air or land to Ensenada specifically to take part in this famous Ensenada Carnaval. And on 31st of January until the 5th of February, the week-long Carnaval of Ensenada would once again be celebrated in the city lending an explosion of color, laughter and recreational activities to the city, this occasion for the 90th time. Both locals and tourists await and participate in the the Caraval of Ensenada celebrations, making it a culturally-enriching event that brings people from all ages and races together in the spirit of brotherhood and celebrations.

Previous Enseanda Carnavals have brought in more than half a million tourists and travelers to the city and the 90th Carnaval of Ensenada which would be held this year is expected to attract a record number of attendees, ranging from locals in Ensenada and other Baja municipalities to tourists and vacationers from San Diego, California and other places all over the world. From parades, choreographed dance troupes, ethnic dance performances, to street parties, gastronomic events and bazaars, the 90th Carnaval of Ensenada is expected to provide dozens and dozens of enjoyable sights and recreational events to each and everyone who would attend.

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