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Camping in Baja is one of the more popular activities tourists engage them while spending a vacation in Baja. At Baja, vacationers camp on the spectacular white sand beaches. The beaches are peaceful and secluded, guaranteed to give you that much needed private space while camping.

It is said that the best beach camping area is in the Alisitos and La Salina area. The more specific camp sites are the following:

Playa Alisitos

Located at the Alisitos/ La Fonda Toll road exit, it is popular for its surfing and bluff top camp sites. The site has modern shower and toilet facilities, and is located near Palapa Jose, which is a popular bar and restaurant located right on the water. Camping and surfing equipment are available at the nearby Surf Shop, for those who came unprepared for the camping or surfing trip.

Area De Descanso

This is a day public beach located at the La Mision River mouth. Day camping is permitted but overnight camping is not allowed. Shops and vendors can be found near the beach.

Campo Mal Paso

This popular camp site is also known as Panchos. Though not known as a surfing beach, the camp site located directly on sand, without a bluff. The waters are mild enough to swim in, and many families frequent this place for a frolic at the white sands and pristine waters. Showers and toilets are located nearby.

Rancho Girasol

The Rancho Girasol is a convenient camping spot located just south of Pancho’s. Showers and toilets are available, and the camp site is located at a soft, sandy spot on the beach.

Baja Seasons

This is a modern RV park that cater to tent campers. It is a 5-star camp site with complete amenities and facilities for the campers.

Playa San Miguel

This is a popular surfing spot, and many tourists prefer to set up camp in this area. It is located right past the Enseneda toll plaza and has great beaches for surfing, and clean shores which are perfect for camping.

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