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Camping near Mexicali

One of the most enjoyable family activities has to be camping. It’s a good reason to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life while enjoying your family’s company, at the same time being at one with nature. Camping trips are a great way to spend quality time with the family, bonding with each other through many different activities that require teamwork.

In Mexicali, camping is also among the popular, fun family activities worth getting into. Camping grounds are set up for families to make use of and enjoy. These camp sites are ideal for both tents and RV’s alike, and are strategically positioned so that campers get to take advantage of the beautiful sceneries and safe locations of the sites.

The Vicente Guerrero Park is one of the top camping destinations for families who seek to spend time with each other. It’s vary accessible and has a lot of features that are sure to keep the family preoccupied. There’s a children’s playground, roller-skating ring, barbecue pits, and clean bathrooms. The park is open all year and it is large enough to accommodate over twenty thousand people. Security is not a problem here and there are no danger is minimized to almost non-existent. The park has many spectacular sceneries that are picturesque.

The Laguna Hanson and the Cañón de Llanos are also ideal campsites. The highest monolith in all of Mexico, the “Trono “Blanco” can be found near these areas. It is an imposing 1970 feet high, providing a majestic view of the Tajo Canyon. A great variety of fun activities can be enjoyed by each member of the family. These include kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and spelunking. It is wise to always bring a camera during camping trips, and even wiser to bring one here. Panoramic photography is at the top of the list in this area, with breath-taking sites that one would be wise to take advantage of.

For those who seek to camp in a location that provides a huge selection of activities, the City Zoo and Forest is an excellent choice. It is large enough to accommodate fifteen thousand people and is open all throughout the year. It has a museum, zoo, kiddie pool, water slide, lake and raft rentals, barbecue pits, basketball, soccer, and volleyball courts, children’s playground, and even a grocery. The bathrooms are clean and include showers. Safety is not a problem, with security, lifeguards, and paramedics constantly available to attend to your needs.

A smaller version of the City Zoo and Forest is also available for families who seek a less populated campsite. The Juventud 2000 sports Center has a capacity of three thousand people and is also open all year round. Its features include the following: Zoo, swimming pool, basketball, soccer and volleyball courts, kiddie pool, children’s playground, barbecue pits, bicycle rentals, and spaces for rent. Bathrooms are clean and include showers. Security, paramedics and lifeguards are also present here.

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