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Camping in Loreto

Camping has always been a favorite recreational activity of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts because it entails being up close with raw, untouched natural wonders. Although camping means not experiencing the full comforts and convenience that technology can provide, many consider this a small price to pay in exchange for the relaxing and exciting outdoor adventure that camping lets us experience.

Somewhere in the southeastern portion of the Baja California Peninsula is a small municipality known as Loreto. The municipality of Loreto and its capital city that goes by the same name appeal to tourists and vacationers because of their old-world charm. Peaceful, natural and quaint are probably the three most common adjectives used in conjunction with Loreto. Because of the many natural wonders and the peaceful environment that can be found in Loreto, Baja California Sur, the town has become a favorite camping site for many tourists and vacationers.

Not all campers have the same level of camping expertise and outdoor survival knowledge. Thus, you can find camping grounds and camp sites in Loreto that cater to different kinds of campers.

Many hotels, lodges and inns in Loreto, Baja California Sur have specific camping sites for hotel guests that want to spend a night or more camping within the hotel’s vicinity. These camping grounds are usually located along the beaches where campers can enjoy the waves, the wind and the sights of the Sea of Cortez while still having access to the hotel’s amenities.

Loreto is also one of the best places on the planet to go kayaking and island hoping. Isla Coronados, Isla Danzante, Isla Monserrate, Isla Catalina and Isla de Carmen are five major islands that are part of Loreto’s territory. These beautiful islands, surrounded by the Sea of Cortez and by more than 800 species of fishes, are also part of Loreto Bay National Marine Park. Many people kayak from island to island in order to experience camping in each of these miniature paradises. Because of the islands’ popularity and the need to preserve their natural riches, those who want to camp in these Loreto islands should first inquire regarding the need for reservations and permits.

All around the perimeter of Loreto’s shores and deserts are RV parks and small private campgrounds. In exchange for a small fee, Loreto campers can pitch their tents or park their RVs and have access to showers, laundry services, food stalls, stores and even pools.

However, not all camping sites in Loreto require fees and reservations. The impressive landscape that is the Sierra de la Giganta is a great hiking, trekking, mountain biking and camping destination. Dotted with swaying palm trees and laurel trees and the occasional freshwater-oasis and silvery pools of water, the canyons and cliffs of Loreto’s Sierra de la Giganta offers picturesque camping sites.

If camping on mountains is not appealing to you, why not try camping in one of Loreto’s many public and deserted beaches? Pitching a campsite in one of Loreto’s beaches means having the opportunity to fish, snorkel, surf, swim and kayak on the warm, turquoise blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

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