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Camping around Todos Santos

Your visit in the enchanting town of Todos Santos wouldn’t be complete if you were not able to experience the exhilarating eco-tours and camping in Sierra de la Laguna. Sierra de la Laguna is considered one of the most majestic, yet least explored areas in Baja. It is a unique haven for some 224 species of plants, half the reptiles and amphibians in the entire Cape region, and an amazing 96% of its mammals. This place poses as a great challenge for avid walkers and explorers. Most explorers start in the desert terrain, next to the spiny forest, then to the lust vegetation.

Some of the things campers need to have are as follows: a good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots; sandals or sneakers for evening; hat/visor/bandana; sun block; sunglasses; few clothes; fleece jacket, rain jacket, personal water bottle, first aid kit, personal hygiene items, flashlight/headlight, sleeping bag and pad.

There are many other adventures in Todos Santos that excites the mind and senses. Aside from the eco-tours in Sierra de la Laguna, tourists can enjoy camping in the many sites and parks in Todos Santos. One of which is the El Molino Trailer Park located at the southern end of Todos Santos near Highway 19, behind the Pernex station. This place has 21 RV sites. Moreover, it has complete toilet, showers and laundry facilities.

San Pedrito RV Park is also a good place for camping and RVing. This area is approximately 5 miles south of the Todos Santos on Highway 19 and 2 miles southwest towards the dirt road. San Pedrito RV Park also has an open area that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

The Los Cerritos RV Park is one and a half miles south of El Pescadero on Highway 19. It is one and a half miles southwest towards Pacific Ocean on the dirt road. This place has a wide beach area with 50 RV or tent sites.

Todos Santos is the ultimate place in Baja Peninsula where you can be in communion with nature and admire its grandiosity

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