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Cabo San Lucas

The tourist industry plays an important role in the peninsula of Baja California which is why you can find several resort towns and large commercial cities in this paradise-like Mexican peninsula. One of these popular Baja tourist destinations is the resort town of Cabo San Lucas which is found in the south westernmost tip of the thousand-mile long peninsula of Baja.

Known to many simply as Cabo, the town of Cabo San Lucas is the ultimate picture of what a tourist town should be. Here you can find luxurious hotels, world-class condominiums, impeccable golf courses, popular restaurants, large shopping districts, interesting tourist spots, and numerous nightclubs and bars. And lining the shores of Cabo San Lucas is its world-renowned beaches and bays where the waves of the vast Pacific Ocean meet and mix with the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

A lively hodge-podge of people of all over the world make-up most of the population of Cabo. Whatever season and time of the year it maybe, Cabo San Lucas continues to attract thousands of party-goers, honeymooners, vacationers, backpackers, sightseers and tourists everyday.

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