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Cabo Pulmo and other beaches in East Cape

Imagine a seemingly endless stretch of golden-white sand beaches bejeweled with salmon colored starfishes, mother-of-pearl shells, and smooth obsidian pebbles edging a sea of the deepest blue with crystal clear waters dotted by jewel-colored fishes. A warm breeze breathes life into each and every object it touches—making palm leaves sway in the breeze and waves dance across the surface of the water. Looking around, you barely see anyone else. Nothing else is heard other than the gentle lap of waves and the constant cry of the seagulls making you feel as if you have been transported back into a time when everything is pure and simple.

That is exactly the kind of blissful state you are sure to experience when you visit one of the many pristine beaches found in Baja’s East Cape. East Cape is found in the southwestern part of Baja California Sur where it stretches somewhere from the south of La Paz all the way to Los Cabos. Along this shoreline can be found more than 70 miles of beaches and bays almost all of which remain in their natural state until present. In fact, these beaches are so peacefully secluded and untouched that many of them do not even have names yet. Here are a few East Cape beaches however, who are known to the locals and to some tourists as a handful of the very best beaches in the entire peninsula of Baja California and in the whole of Mexico for that matter.

Playa La Laguna
This East Cape beach is conveniently located near San Jose del Cabo. Although not one of the most secluded East Cape beaches, Playa La Laguna remains to be a very beautiful and clean beach. Here, vacationers can sunbathe across the powdery soft slopes of white sand and enjoy the clean, fresh air coming from across the Gulf of California.

Cabo Pulmo
At first glance, this secluded East Cape beach might seem like all the other secluded virgin beaches in East Cape. There are towering palm and coconut trees swaying with the wind and a warm, clear sea playfully flows in and out of the shore. If you venture just a few meters of the shore however, you will be greatly surprised to discover a vividly colorful coral reef bursting with life and movement. Corals of all textures, shapes and hues carpet the sea floor forming caves, niches and arches where brightly-colored fishes and other marine wildlife flit and dart about doing their everyday business. This East Cape beach is a wonderful place to go snorkeling and scuba diving because of it secret underwater beauty.

Bahia Los Frailes
Many consider this East Cape beach as the most beautiful one there is to find in the entire peninsula of Baja California. Imagine a wide bay of sloping white sand that hugs the sea the color of which varies with the time and the change of the time. Sometimes the waters appear to be a deep kind of blue, other times it looks like an glistening bed of aquamarine gems. Other times too, it resembles a rose colored copy of the sky where the clouds appear golden pink as the red-orange sun dips itself slowly down the horizon.

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