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Building a Beach house in Baja

For quite some years now, more than 35 years in fact, my husband and I have been saving up for La Paz vacation house which we dreamt of having since the moment we had a family. Instead of heading to some over priced amusement park or staying in an impersonal hotel resort, what we wanted was a beach front house where we can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature with our kids. Well that dream has finally come true after we bought and renovated a seaside house in Baja California.

It took us more than two years to finally decide on buying this La Paz real estate property which was being sold back then by an elderly couple who was migrating to Canada. The house is located in the city of La Paz in Baja California, just a short fifteen minute drive from a main road and less than 20 minutes away from the city proper. We wanted the house the moment we saw it although at the time, we did not think we would actually be able to own it and call it our own.

The Baja beach house that we bought was not exactly what you would call new, in fact, it was more than 15 years old. It is a two storey building made of bricks and cement, with large doors and window panes made of heavy old wood. The piece of property which it is situated on is not quite a hill but it is elevated a few feet higher than its surroundings so it does seem to produce the same effect. The house also has a built in patio, a front garden and a back garden. Just beyond the front garden where potted cacti of all shapes and sizes are planted, the beach begins and the Sea of Cortez is just a couple of miles away from our very own front porch.

Of course, before we actually move furniture into the house, several renovations seemed necessary. This process however, was as exciting for us as finally moving into the house since my husband and I wanted to transform the house into a personalized haven of our own.

We installed pipe heaters so that it is possible to have warm water in every room in the house. It seemed necessary to install screen into the windows of the lower floor’s rooms to avoid insects and little critters from coming in. However, the windows at the upper floor remained without screening and were almost always open to the sea breeze and the ocean view.

We were also able to shop in La Paz for a lot of useful things needed for renovation at a sale held when a small resort also in La Paz closed down. They sold everything from hardwood floors, terracotta tiles, water fountains, door knobs, lounge chairs, potted plants and live palm trees. And of course, we were grateful for the opportunity of being able to buy many of these things for a fraction of the cost that they might have been priced for in stores, hardware shops and malls.

Finally, we bought loads of bougainvilleas and miniature palm trees to adorn our front and back garden with. The bougainvilleas we planted in large window boxes where they seem to spill forth their hot pink flowers from. The miniature palm trees lend a nice shade to the yard and blend well with the tropical ambiance that the place exudes.

We are now in the process of looking for furniture and decorations to add to the house which we would update you about soon enough!

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