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Boating in Tijuana

Above the coastline of Tijuana, there are islands that make for very good fishing and boating, such as the Coronado islands. The Coronado islands are merely a short boat ride away from the mainland, and waters are hardly ever choppy. The Coronado islands are situated between the sport-laden waters of San Diego Bay and the waves of the vast Pacific ocean. It’s bayside allure is the many recreation and sightseeing activities one can engage in with boats and ferries. Glorietta bay, for example, features a sturdy boat-launch ramp, for those boating enthusiasts while Loews Coronado Bay Resort Marina is a boaters paradise, with the yachts, fishing and pleasure boats anchored in abundance to its piers and docks.

There are plenty of cottage and condominium rentals for those who want to stay in the islands for longer than a day. There are plenty of things to be done in these parts, aside from boating and fishing, although they are the main draws. Kayaking is also popular among visitors, as well as snorkeling and scuba diving, which may be done in conjunction to the boating. Eco-tours are also a viable option for those who would like to learn more about the Pacific’s marine environment while remaining properly dry on a boat. Others may simply want to take a tour of the Tijuana coastline, and observe the city from an incoming boat’s standpoint.

Boating and fishing are generally not the biggest strengths of Tijuana, but they put up a pretty decent experience with the aid of their islands. Tijuana recognizes this and provides rides to more prolific boating areas, such as those in Rosarito and Ensenada, via a cab or a bus, for a small fee.

If you’re bringing in your own boat, be sure to have a boating license, as you can’t set your boat off shore if it’s not registered. Boating in Tijuana is a fun experience, despite not being one of its strengths. It’s still worth checking out, if you’re there and you have the time and cash for it.

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