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Best places to eat in Rosarito

A vacation in Rosarito is not just all about partying and hanging out at the beach. You’ve also got to eat. Besides, exploring the city’s array of restaurants is already a delightful experience in itself. There are currently more than 100 restaurants in the city serving authentic Mexican dishes as well as international cuisines.

One of the more popular eateries located in Benito Juarez Boulevard is the El Nido Restaurant. You can enjoy their steaks and seafood dishes in a rustic, country style ambiance. The steaks are broiled on an open grill with mesquite wood. Other steak houses in the city are La Leña, Los Pelicanos, and Rene’s. For Chinese dishes, you could go to Dragon Del Mar, Costa Azul, Gran China Cafe, and Palacio Royal.

Other upscale dining locations can be found in the bigger hotels. The Azteca Restaurant and Bar located off the main lobby of the Rosarito Beach Hotel serves Mexican and Continental entrees with the famous Puerto Nuevo style lobster as one of the house specialties. Chabert’s Restaurant, housed in the 1930s mansion of the same hotel, offers French and Continental dishes as well as the finest wines produced in the Baja region. The Festival Plaza Hotel has the El Patio Restaurant, which serves authentic local cuisines, the Puerto Fino, which offers fine Italian dining, and the Rock and Roll Taco, which serves Mexican food and also doubles as a lively party venue. The El Meson and Cafe Del Mar are located in the Las Rocas Hotel while the Titanic Restaurant in Calafia Hotel is designed with authentic props and furniture from the 1997 motion picture filmed in the Fox Studios in Baja.

Being a coastal community, Rosarito hosts numerous seafood restaurants. Located south of the city are La Fonda Restaurant which offers a seaside setting with a good ocean view, Calafia Restaurant also with ocean view on cliffs, D’Carlo, and Palmiras. Other seafood eateries in downtown Rosarito are La Guerita, El Calamar, El Vaquero, La Casa de la Langosta, Mision del Mar, Oceana Ortegas, Olas de Rosarito,Ortega’s Place, Rock and Roll Lobster, and Vince’s. For cheaper seafood delicacies, you could venture into the Popotla Fishing Village located four miles south of the city. The village has around 25 restaurants which offer different seafood dishes depending on the catch of the day. In the seaside village of Puerto Nuevo 20 minutes south of town, you can enjoy an authentic Puerto Nuevo style lobster dinner in several restaurants and hotels. The renowned cooking style entails boiling the lobster in oil and serving it with rice, beans, and hot tortillas.

A trip to Mexico cannot be complete without trying the quintessential taco. Rosarito has a lot of Taco eateries, from restaurants to street side cafes. Just for the Halibut Fish Tacos serves basically the same tacos as the street vendors except that pure vegetable oil and not lard is used. Taco’s Manuel on the north end of town boasts of fresh tortillas, guacamole, and good quality beef. Ruben’s Fish and Shrimp Stand just across the Rosarito Beach Hotel makes fresh, fat fish tacos which you can enjoy while lounging on the outdoor booths.

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