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Best places to eat in La Paz

Restaurants in La Paz offer you an entire selection of food which range from traditional Mexican to European fare. Many claim that you can find gastric gems anywhere in La Paz, from its little food carts to its fancy restaurants. Whether you want to munch in a crowded square, taking in the feeling of everyday life of the virtual oasis that is La Paz or tickle your tongue in a high-class interior surrounded by the quiet murmur of fellow connoisseurs, you can always find your stomach and your palate satisfied in this quiet town.

Of course, you’re not really eating in La Paz unless you’re indulging in seafood. Some go for the entire nautical experience; the La Paz restaurant Bismarck II has an entire history that comes with it. According to local lore, a young sailor survived the sinking of the battleship Bismarck. Disillusioned by the costs of war, he left in search of peace and finally found La Paz (which does indeed mean The Peace in English), which became his new home. There, he opened the restaurant Bismarck I, which has become a fixture in La Paz – it supposedly changed its name to Bismarck II after major renovations. The décor includes nautical paraphernalia and photographs of the battleship Bismarck. Apart from the theme and history connected to the place, the Bismarck II is known as the best seafood restaurant in La Paz. Served fresh and in bulk, many claim that the food there is unforgettable – although others insist that you need a strong stomach to eat there.

Other seafood restaurants in La Paz that should be taken note of are the Mar y Peňa (Sea and Rock in English) which serves seafood for reasonable prices in a modern, air conditioned space and; La Costa, which is best known for its gigantic oysters.

If seafood isn’t really your kind of thing, then you can go for the regular Mexican fare. Places like Los Pargo are known for their affordable Mexican fare served in modern-style interiors while Gatos y Perros (translated as Cats and Dogs) is a nice little place that serves great tacos. Or, if Mexican doesn’t quite cut it, you have the choice of going European. Places like this include the in-hotel restaurant La Pazta (it’s in hotel Mediterrane), which may be expensive but has a reputation for being good and safe.

There are also coffee shops like Esquisito and ice cream parlors like Gelatos.

If all else fails, however, you can always have a burger and fries – you have the option of patronizing their local branch of your favorite fast food chain.

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