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Best of fishing in Bahia Asuncion

Bahía Asunción is first and foremost a fishing village, and because of this clear and simple fact, it can be expected that this small fishing town can also offer guests, visitors, tourists and vacationers a good fishing experience. But to own the truth, Bahía Asunción fishing is not good, rather it is nothing short of amazing.

Sports fishing is a hobby and a sport which people of all ages and gender from all over the world enjoy doing. Contrary to popular belief, although fishing can be a very calming and relaxing outdoor activity, it is by no means boring. Bahía Asunción fishing can be a very dynamic and physically active activity, and the level of exertion and energy required of the sport would be determined by however the ones fishing wants it to be so. Bahía Asunción fishing can be a quiet and soothing pastime, it can be an adrenaline pumped sport or it can be something in between.

Variety is one of the best features that Bahia Asuncion fishing is most known and loved for. There are numerous kinds and sizes of fishes to be caught in Bahía Asunción, from croakers, halibuts, yellowtails, black bass, cornivas, calico bass and many more. And these fishes are not just found in one place but the geographical settings and areas along the shores, beaches and even the underwater terrain in Bahía Asunción differ from one another. Some fishes can be caught in shallow waters while other require you to cast your lures deep in the ocean. Other are found near the shores, some around mangroves, and some way out in the open waters.

Bahía Asunción allows fishing enthusiasts to try fly fishing, spear fishing, drift netting, line fishing, and big game fishing. Because of the variety of marine terrain and fish species, you can also practice many kinds of fishing techniques in Bahía Asunción which is why it appeals both to beginners and expert sports fishers.

Visitors and tourists coming to Bahía Asunción to experience fishing there would also need not worry about boats, rods, nets, and lures because many of these fishing equipment and facilities can be bought or rented right there in Bahía Asunción. There are several boat and yacht rentals in Bahía Asunción, most of which would also provide you with guides that can lead you to great fishing spots and even share some tips on fishing.

Be sure to have a current Mexican fishing license with you however, if you plan on fishing in Bahía Asunción because it is a requirement. You can apply for one in Baja California although for those coming from the States, it can be easier for you to get one at certain San Diego California fishing equipment shops and tackle stores. Vagabundos Club, Fisherman’s Landing and Discover Baja are just some of them. And when you are equipped with a license, then grab your lucky fishing hat and experience Bahía Asunción fishing now!

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