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Best hotels in East Cape

East Cape, located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, is a favorite tourist spot for those itching to try sportfishing while still enjoying the perks of having a leisurely outdoor vacation complete with hotel accommodations. The boundary between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean presents great opportunities for all ranges of sportfishing as well as diving because of the abundance of protected marine life. And if fishing is not your cup-of-tea, you can always enjoy the white sand beaches that stretches from the northern-most tip of Punta Pescadero up to the campfire paradise of San Jose del Cabo. Hotels here are usually situated along the shorelines and they all offer a wide variety of activities visitors can engage in.

Hotel Bahia Los Frailes, 30 miles northeast of Los Cabos, is one of the best places to stay in when in East Cape. They offer sportfishing trips with the option of taking in an expert to teach you the ropes. Gamefish has a wide variety too, ranging from marlins (inshore waters) to tunas and dorados (deep waters near the inlet to the Pacific Ocean). Besides the fishing activities, Hotel Bahia Los Frailes also offers breath-taking, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking experiences. This is mainly due to the Los Frailes mountains offering the Los Frailes Bay protection from the cool breeze coming from the Pacific, which results in warm-water and gentle surf. Hotel Bahia Los Frailes is currently undergoing renovations to improve their facilities but it might be worth noting to check back on them once renovations have been finished as their location offers some of the best tourist spots in all of East Cape.

In between La Ribera and Los Barriles, lies Hotel Buena Vista. Conveniently situated in between 2 major airports, visitors can choose whether to arrive there through Los Cabos International Airport (45 minute drive) or from La Paz International Airport (90 minute drive). Not only is Hotel Buena Vista a good place for both outdoor activities and leisurely relaxation, it is also a marvel to look at. The tropical landscaping of Hotel Buena Vista makes it akin to an island getaway. And if you yearn for some time inland to look for souvenirs, you might want to visit the nearest town, which is just 5 minutes away by taxi. Hotel Buena Vista offers a little of everything so if you have a particular activity you’d imagine yourself doing while in East Cape, chances are, Hotel Buena Vista has that covered.

Hotel Punta Pescadero, situated at the northernmost part of East Cape, is another hotel worth noting because of it’s long sandy beaches and calm waters attributed to it facing opposite the Pacific winds. Being remodeled most recently meant that you’re getting the best they have to offer one of which is having a view of the sea for all of its 2,500 rooms. Hotel Punta Pescadero also has it’s own airstrip for those who wish to arrive here via charter planes. Having said that, Hotel Punta Pescadero also isn’t a place strictly for ties and fine dining. Families who wish to enjoy the luxuries the hotel has to offer can do so in casual clothes. People who visit Punta Pescadero go here because of the remoteness of the area and people who visit Punta Pescadero usually stay at Hotel Punta Pescadero. It’s the closest to being in a tropical island without having to be in one.

There are a lot more hotels you can choose from along the East Cape shoreline and each and every one offers you the same exciting activities East Cape has been renowned for such as fishing and snorkeling. Just try to find the best hotel that will suit your other needs and be sure to book early because, chances are, people who are reading this are thinking along the same lines are you are right now.

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