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Best hotels in Cabo San Lucas

At the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, there exists a small resort town named Cabo San Lucas but is more popularly known among tourists and vacationers simply as Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is a very famous tourist destination in the peninsula of Baja California and in the entire country of Mexico for that matter. It is currently considered as the second fastest developing resort town, not just in the state of Baja California, but in in all of Mexico.

The tourist-resident ratio of Cabo San Lucas is rather high. If you take the number of tourists and residents in Cabo and compare the figures, you would find that there are more tourists and visitors in Cabo San Lucas than there are local residents. And even most of the residents of Cabo San Lucas are expats and retirees. It comes as no surprise then to know that there are plenty of hotels and resorts in Cabo San Lucas due to the large population of tourists coming to Cabo especially during the peak seasons of November to February.

There are plenty of hotels and other lodging accommodations to choose from when visiting the popular recreational destination of Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos in Baja California. One of the most popular is of course, the resort hotels.

Resort hotels aplenty thrive in the well-visited resort town of Cabo San Lucas. There are several very popular and large resort hotels in Cabo such as Pueblo Bonita Resort, the Marina Fiesta Resort, Villa La Estancia Resort, Playa Grande Resort, Buenavista Beach Resort, and the RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas Resort. These large resort hotels at Cabo usually have plenty of spacious rooms and multiple resort and hotel facilities that guests can enjoy. Large groups and vacationing families are sure to benefit from the availability of spacious hotel accommodations and the number of recreational facilities that these Cabo resort hotels can provide. Cabo resort hotels are commonly found near the beaches and other tourist hotspots so that they can serve as convenient accommodations for vacationers and tourists. Their convenience and comfort are also great reasons why you should try staying in a Cabo San Lucas resort hotel.

Although Cabo is a very famous resort town, it still somehow manages to retain its small town appeal. The peaceful and rustic side of Cabo is best experience through small, intimate hotels and lodgings found within the community. Bed and breakfasts, small inns, lodges and motels that have hospitable staff members and feature traditional Mexican interiors provide an old-world environment that many tourists would enjoy. Places like Cabo Inn, Casa Rafael’s, Hotel Marina, Los Patios and Viva Cabo Villas are just some examples of this kind of Cabo hotels and inns.

Choose from a wide variety of hotels, resorts and other living accommodations and enjoy the sun and the waves at Baja California’s Cabo San Lucas now!

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