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Best beaches around Loreto

Like most of the communities lining the shores of the Gulf of California (more popularly known among the locals as the Mar de Cortes or Sea of Cortez), the municipality of Loreto is gifted with pristine shores of sloping white sand caressed by blue-green waves. Enjoying 300 days of golden sunny weather with mild rain fall during the winter season, Loreto beaches makes for one heck of a great holiday or vacation destination all throughout the year.

Nopolo Beach
Over the years, the Nopolo beach area has captured the attention of many real estate developers and investors which is why several resorts, hotels and commercial centers have been built in the area. Aside from the captivating view of the Sea of Cortez which lies at the edge of the beach, the shores at Nopolo also has a fantastic view of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range.

In order to preserve Nopolo’s natural beauty and its old-world charm, the local government at Loreto has created strict rules and regulations that real estate developers and entrepreneurs in Nopolo strictly adhere to. For instance, vendors and stalls are kept away from the beaches. Aside from monitoring constructions and sea-side establishments, fishing and other beach activities are also supervised.

Juncalito Beach
If you travel just fourteen miles south of Loreto’s main city, you will find yourself in an arrestingly beautiful beach called Juncalito. The light-colored fine sand and the groups of palm trees makes Juncalito beach a great place to relax, camp and picnic. The beach is shaped like a cove or an inlet, so that yachts and sailboats used for fishing, snorkeling and touring can easily seek harbor along its shore. Near Juncalito are a few RV parks, inns and campgrounds so that vacationers and tourists can enjoy the beach during the day and night.

Agua Verde
Another note worthy beach located at the southern portion of Loreto is the Agua Verde. Although its sands and shores are not as fine as those in Nopolo and Juncalito, many beach lovers continue to visit Agua Verde because of its breathtaking panoramic sights. The beach of Agua Verde offers unhindered view of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range and the Sea of Cortez against a colorful background of the setting sun.

Ensanada Blanca
The beach in Loreto’s Ensanada Blanca area is a favorite destination of honeymooners and couples because of its romantic atmosphere. Couples can wade along the shallow waters or sit atop a rock and enjoy the fresh sea breeze, the magnificent golden sun, and the sound of lapping waves punctuated by the call of seagulls.

Near the shallow waters of Ensanada Blanca are colorful coral reefs and oyster beds where small fishes of all shapes, sizes and hues frolic about. There are also several rocky shores in Ensanada Blanca where seagulls and other birds can normally be seen.

There are several beaches in the Loreto area:
Ensenada Blanca.
Agua Verde.
San Bruno (to the North of town).

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