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Bed and Breakfasts in Baja

Many people complain of the blanket of impersonality that seems to cover everything nowadays. Home cooked meals have now been reduced to fast food and face to face conversation is now mediated by the Internet. Even in the simple activity of staying in a hotel we can plainly see this lack of personal touch and individual attention many of us miss in our daily lives. It seems like every hotel room, however luxe and comfortable it may be, is like all the others. Unique personal touches in the decoration is replaced by professional interior sensibilities and intimate hotel staff-guest relationship is none existent.

In Baja California, you can also find many of these large and impersonal hotels and resorts. Because of their vastness and multitude of guests, it is understandable that the hotel staff members will find it difficult to establish a friendly and close relationship with each and every guest that checks-in their hotel. Thankfully, those vacationers and tourists who wish to feel at home during their stay in Baja California can opt to stay in one of the several bed and breakfasts found all over the peninsula.

One very noticeable difference between hotels and bed and breakfasts is their sizes. A hotel is usually very large, has lots of rooms and is spacious enough to house several families and individuals. Bed and breakfasts or B&Bs are relatively smaller and can house just a fraction of the number of guests that a hotel can. In Baja California for instance, you can find bed and breakfasts that can accommodate just three to fifteen families at a time. The result of limiting the number of guests is that it becomes easier for the bed and breakfast staff to cater to the individual needs and comforts of their fewer guests. Mexicans are known for their warmth and hospitality. Naturally hospitable lodging staff members combined with fewer guests guarantees a comfortable and personalized stay in Baja California.

Another benefit that staying in a Baja bed and breakfast entails is the existence of delicious home cooked meals. They do not call them bed and breakfasts for nothing. At a Baja B&B, guests will wake up to sumptuous breakfasts and lunches. Most of these Baja bed and breakfasts serve traditional Mexican dishes so that their guests can have an authentic Baja experience. However, guests can also inquire whether the bed and breakfast they are staying in can cook for them American, French, Italian or other international cuisines.

The rooms in Baja bed and breakfasts also showcase the personal treatment that these lodgings are known for. Most of the Baja B&B rooms are uniquely decorated so that no two room is the same. It is not out of the ordinary to find hand quilted mattresses, potted plants and local art works placed all around your Baja bed and breakfast room. Many of these Baja B&Bs are also found a little away from the cities so that their guests can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Baja California’s natural surroundings. So if you want to getaway from the monotony and impersonality of life in the city, come and escape to a Baja California bed and breakfast now.

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