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Beaches in Rosarito Mexico

Todos Santos is renowned for its pristine and secluded beaches. Tourists from all parts of the world visit Todos Santos to camp, surf, swim, skim board and sport fish. Todos Santos’ beaches possess such quiet grace and secluded elegance that enchants both locals and tourists alike.

Todos Santos lies along the Pacific coasts. This is the reason why Todos Santos has a plethora of breathtaking white sandy beaches which can easily be accessed through unmarked dirt roads. Below are some of the popular beaches in Todos Santos.

The Playa Las Palmas (Palm Beach) is located at Km 57. Its entrance is across highway 19 from the Campo Experimental. Playa Las Palmas is an astonishing secluded beach surrounded by a lagoon, palm groves and lush vegetation. Due to strong riptides, swimming in Playa Las Palmas is safest in the middle of the beach. This beach is perfect for those who want to spend a lazy afternoon working on their tan, while curled up reading their favorite book. This beach is also ideal for picnics and strolls.

The Playa Los Cerritos is located at Km 64 about 8 miles south of Todos Santos. This is the ultimate surfing destination in the whole of the Baja California Peninsula. Surfers, swimmers and surf fishermen abound this paradise. Playa Los Cerritos has a broad, shallow inshore bottom which is perfect for boogie boarding and surfing.

Playa San Pedrito/Playa El Estero is an ideal place to observe whales spout near the shore between the months of December through May. This beach is also surrounded by farmlands and orchards. Playa San Pedrito is located around Km 60, about 4.6 miles from Todos Santos.

If you want to admire the sea while getting reacquainted with the local folks, then go to Playa Punta Lobos at Km 54. In here, you can watch the scenic launching of pangas in the open seas. This beach also has dramatic sunsets and is perfect for strolling.

Playa La Poza is a majestic beach suitable for early morning strolls, whale watching and relaxing. Playa La Poza is not a swimming beach. Nevertheless, this beach has a large freshwater lagoon which is a haven for a variety of birds.

Lastly, Playa La Cachora is a picturesque beach ideal for walking, fishing, whale watching and ultimate relaxation. It is now becoming increasingly popular beach for skim boarding.

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