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Basic Dog Training Free in Rosarito

Nowadays, you would find many people bringing their much beloved pets to vacations, out-of-town trips, special celebrations and sometimes, even to business functions. And that is probably one of the reasons why Rosarito City is offering basic dog training lessons to tourists and locals who wish to take advantage of this fortunate opportunity to train and discipline their pets.

Simple orders such as sitting down, staying put and keeping quiet can indispensable to any pet owner. Aside from having well-behaved pets at home, it would also be safer and more convenient to have trained dogs with you if you are planning to take your pets to public places such as restaurants and parks. And these simple, basic doggy instructions are what you would learn to instruct your pets and they would learn to follow at the free dog training lessons in Rosarito City, Baja California.

The Rosarito Medical Services Department would be the one responsible for offering this much needed free service to the residents of the city. Dogs have to be registered at the Rosarito Medical Department at the city hall. They are also required to have a collar and the owners are obliged to bring cleaning materials and plastic bags in case the dogs do have an accident during sessions. And those who want to participate in this free dog training lessons are required to bring dogs that are not hostile or untamed to ensure the safety of all present in the dog training lessons.

Dogs that are considered still puppies, aging around four to seven months, would be grouped together while those eight months and older would be in another group. The schedules are also very varied so that participants can find a slot that would be convenient for them. There are dog training lessons that start at 9am, 10:15am, and 12nn on Saturdays and Sundays all throughout June 2008 at the Abelardo L. Rodriguez Park in downtown Rosarito. An orientation for the pet owners who wish to participate in the free dog training lessons would take place this 7th of June at 12 noon in CEMAC, Rosarito City.

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  1. kimberly orlando says:

    Is this free training still available in January 2012. A friend and I would like to bring our 13 week old PomPoo littermates for training to the January 7th, Saturday 12nn class. Please let me know if this is still open.

    Thank you, Kimberly Orlando

  2. i also would like to find out about the training, we are about to get a rot pup, thank you very much

  3. jimpickell says:

    Couple things…..our amiga down in Rosarito suggested contacting Centro Canino about training…she says they have been around for about 15 years and also assisted in a lot of dog rescue efforts. Admittedly, their website wouldn’t load but I did find some ads for their programs:

    In regards to training in TJ….. some highly knowledgeable contacts of ours with the Humane Society in the area do not know of any places offhand since the Humane Society has their own in-house training program. But they said they may have some contacts for a few of the rescue organizations in TJ though…which might be a good place to start. I will let you know what they come up with….

    Hope this helps!

  4. Michaela says:

    I just adopted a two year old chihuahua mix that needs training and dog socialization. I would love to find a dog training class in Rosarito, or otherwise, maybe just a group of dogs/owners that want to work together. I have dog training experience, but need other dogs to help my pup get friendlier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. darlene says:

    i am also looking to train my 4mo old rottweiler please refer me

  6. Are there any classes in dec or jan 2013?

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