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Baja Whale Watching Season

Yes, it is March again and the grey whales are back along the shores of the Baja California peninsula, frolicking with their newly born calves and enticing tourists and animal lovers to gaze from beyond the shores in the hopes of seeing them.

Every year, the month of March sees the coming of numerous gray and humpback whales traveling from the cooler waters of the Artic to the warm, sunlit waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. And because the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico is situated at the very center of these two grand and abundant bodies of water, it is obvious that the peninsula makes a great venue for whale watching. The month of March is the start of Baja whale watching season and expect to find many companies and tour guides offering their services and facilities to tourists, visitors, vacationers and locals who would want to discover seeing with your own two eyes such majestic marine creatures.

Todos Santos Bay and La Paz are great venues for Baja whale watching so that all throughout March of 2008, these areas would be flocked by whale lovers and tourists. If you would want to experience this for yourself, be sure to contact a watching tour services company you wish to hire now to avoid delays and overbookings.

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