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Baja Starbucks in Ensenada Reeling in Business

Not a month has passed when the third Baja California branch of the world famous Starbucks coffeehouse was opened in the city of Ensenada, Baja California Sur. The 25 of October of this year witnessed the Starbucks, Ensenada grand opening which was attended by Ensenada Mayor Cesar Mancillas, Starbucks marketing and promotion personnels and Ensenada tourism officials. There was a large crowd of customers and coffee lovers who attended the event where they were entertained by live musical performances while enjoying the Frappuccinos and Starbucks pastries.

The flow of customers continue to increase after the grand opening of Starbucks, Ensenada. Aside from the locals who have been waiting for a Starbucks branch to open in Baja California, even the tourists and vacationers who enjoy their coffee flock to Ensenada to get their daily cup of lattes and cappuccinos. It was mentioned that Starbucks plans to open a new branch in Mexicali, Baja California very soon.

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