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Baja Spa Getaway

by Lucy Greenberg

A day at the spa is sure to rejuvenate the mind and body of any tired and stressed woman. Imagine then the effects it would have if you were to stay at a spa for one week! Yes, that was what I was thinking when I invited my two best friends to drive to Baja California with me to spend a week at a resort spa I read about in a magazine article. Thankfully, they we very quick to agree and after an even quicker phone call to book ourselves for rooms and treatments at the resort spa in Baja, we jumped into the car and drove off.

Las Rocas Resort & Spa when seen in person was definitely more impressive and grand than in the glossy picture I have seen of it. Every part of it, from the lobby, the pool deck, hotel restaurant to each and every hotel suite is airy and comfortable and luxurious. The hotel staff were all so very warm and welcoming and I was very pleased to be surrounded by such nice, hospitable people. We three stayed at a one bedroom hotel suite that has two queen size beds, a kitchenette, a cozy living room with a fireplace, an ocean front terrace and two very clean bathrooms.

The moment we arrived in Rosarito, we couldn’t wait to visit the spa we heard and read so much about. We were provided with a sort of outline for our spa treatment schedules for the entire week stay plus a list of the spa’s suggested activities in between the treatments. The list was a two-page back-to-back agenda and seeing so many relaxing and fun activities seemed to have a strange effect on us because we couldn’t help giggling and laughing loudly because of anticipation and excitement.

A relaxing Las Rocas rock massage was first on the list and I cannot think of any other word to describe it except for ‘bliss’. The warm rocks placed strategically on my back, shoulders, arms, thighs, stomach and chest combined with a soothing massage was the perfect way to rid my body of stress and tension. The massage lasted for one hour and would have cost $80, but since we availed of spa packages we got discounts for every treatment we signed up for and there were also several perks such as free manicures and free whirlpool bubble baths.

For the rest of the week, we went from one spa treatment to another and it was simply amazing. We tried almost everything, from facial massages that made our skin firm and ideally moisturized, body scrubs that used seaweeds, exfoliating salt and aromatic oils to make our bodies glow with silky smoothness, banana butter wraps that were deliciously relaxing, and toe-rrific treatments for our overworked footsies. There were even therapists in the resort spa who assessed the kinds of treatments each individual client may need. In between spa treatments, we enjoyed the resorts whirlpool jacuzzi, yoga sessions, large outdoor pool, fine dining restaurant and frequent walks to the nearby white sand beach.

The entire trip was a blur of amazing sunsets, endless hours of chitchat, delicious food, healthy activities and pampering spa treatments. We left feeling very refreshed and healthy, not to mention feeling very beautiful after all those hours of luxurious spa treatments. We three friends agreed to come back to Baja next year for another week of getting over stress and tension by pampering ourselves in this wonderful Baja resort spa.

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