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Baja Score Gives Out Slime

Baja Score has always been a very big event in Baja California. Thousands of people from all over Baja California, Mexico, United States and all over the world come to watch or participate in this much awaited event that is held every year. Because of the prestige and support that Baja Score has received and is receiving, the people involved in it such as the organizers, sponsors, and racers make sure they do something worthwhile to contribute to the over-all development of the peninsula.

Their previous charitable acts included the “Greening of Baja” which involved planting pine trees all over the peninsula, renovating a kindergarten in San Felipe called the Jardin de Niños or the Garden of Children, constructing a medical facility at Rancho Santa Ines, donating ambulances to medical facilities and medical groups, and hosting fund raising events for the hearing impaired in Valle de Guadalupe’s Rancho Sordo Mudo School.

This year, Baja SCORE decided to give those very helpful Green Angels and Mexican Police officers some help in the form of Slime tire repair products worth several thousands of dollars during the closing of the racing event. The Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) and several agencies from the local police are continually stationed along major highways and roads all over Baja California, Mexico where they watch out for motorists that may need some form of assistance.

Slime is reported to be the official tire sealant for this year’s Baja SCORE International Desert Racing, no small feat as tires would be exposed to tremendous amounts of heat, friction, wear and tear in the rough desert terrains of Baja. Aside from that this tire sealant manufactured by Accessories Marketing, Inc. in California, USA is also non-combustible, non-toxic, and non-harmful to the environment and this year, they have contributed to the safety and convenience of driving along Baja roads and highways by giving their products to Baja’s Green Angels.

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