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Baja Real Estate Dream

I have always appreciated the beauty of Baja.During my frequent visits to this lovely and mesmerizing place, the thought of owning a vacation home or any real estate property has always crossed my mind. In fact this idea has since then become one of my fervent wishes in life.

Imagine the charm of a home bridled by two seas on both sides and lingering coastline complete with all the beaches and coves. For me this is such a very refreshing sight each time you get out of your bed. This state in Mexico is blessed with mountains and a desert resulting to a mix and match of climates giving birth to a variety of wildlife. For the nature lover, this sure is a very nice choice for investment.

And Baja is not all about beauty alone; along with a panoramic landscape comes the probability to provide dwellers as well as vacationers with many outdoor activities both water based and land-based. The broad seascape is a haven for water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, and of course swimming. The variety of land surface provides the chance for trekking and cycling activities as well as hiking for those who can be considered as lovers of nature. Myself being one, had the best time going over abundant wildlife creations during my stay in Baja. The experience was so fulfilling that I even promised myself that someday when I have enough financial resources to buy a vacation home, my first consideration would be a real estate property in Baja.

As I hop around the offices of many real estate professionals in Baja, I have observed that properties in this wonderful location is indeed affordable. Compared to other vacation destination, real estate in Baja can be a wise investment option. The choices are so broad with properties such as condominium units, ocean front villas and small beach houses. And it is not only me who is approaching the doors of real estate agents. Retirees coming from different parts of the globe are knocking on these doors trying to find out and seek help on how they can avail a piece of property on this paradise.

Based on my discussion with a reputable Baja real estate agent, sea front properties are the best choice when looking for real estate property in Baja. however, there are ownership issues that needs consideration if I am really interested to own one for myself. There is an implemented law in this state of Mexico that prohibits foreigners from directly owning a Baja Mexico property outright within the restricted zone. This consists of all pieces of land located within 50 kilometers of all Mexican ocean coastline and lands located 100 kilometers of all Mexican border.

Hopefully, after following all the rules governing owning a property in Baja; I might find myself sitting in front of my porch in my vacation home in one of the nice places in Baja such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Costa Maya and Loreto Bay. Experiencing the sun, sea, and sunshine that is ultimately Baja!

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