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Baja Progressive Rock Festival

“Rockers Unite!” because the annual Baja Progressive Rock Festival is just a couple of weeks away. Every year, rock bands, music moguls, album producers and rock enthusiasts come to the beautiful peninsula of Baja California in Mexico to participate in the musical revelry that is the Baja Progressive Rock Festival. And this year, the much awaited event would be held in the border city of Mexicali in Baja California Norte from the 26th until the 29th of March, 2008.

For the past two years now, I have been an avid participant at the Baja Progressive Rock Festival because of the energy, creativity and sense of belonging that I continually experience from the yearly event. Do not think that the stereotype for a rock concert applies to the Baja Progressive Rock Festival because this event is in a completely new league from that.

No, the Baja Progressive Rock Festival is no low budget and tacky musical mayhem attended by drunken, high and face painted people as the stereotype dictates. Rather, this musical festival is not in the least rowdy and unplanned but has in fact undergone tremendous planning and preparation for an entire year. Organizers, sponsors and even city officials work hand in hand to make this event more successful, enjoyable and inspiring as the previous one before it.

The Baja Progressive Rock Festival to me also resembles an international musical conference of some sort because the bands, performers, sponsors and attendees come from all over the globe. Aside from locals and visitors from nearby San Diego in California USA, you would find among the crowds and gatherings in the Baja Progressive Rock Festival a whole array of nationalities ranging from Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Filipino, Norwegian, Austrian, French and several others.

This multi-lingual and multi-cultural convention of rockers is a great way to develop connections and relationships with other musicians and music lovers. If you are a struggling musician, you might possibly meet your future band mates at the Progressive Rock Festival in Baja while a new, unheard-of rock band with spectacular talent may just as well be discovered at the same Baja event. Rock fans and music lovers can also meet their favorite rock icons or else get in touch with other people who have the same interest as them at the Baja Progressive Rock Festival.

I also think that the Baja Progressive Rock and Art Festival seems to prove that music a universal language. The rainbow of cultures and languages that you will experience at the Baja Progressive Rock Festival would make you develop a deeper respect for rock music and a feeling of belonging that cultural gap and difference in nationality cannot destroy.

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