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Baja Police Screening and Gun Turn Over Continues

To further the goal of creating a safer, more secure environment for tourists and locals in Baja California, several other actions have been taken including the turn over of police weapons in the Baja cities of Ensenada, Tijuana, Rosarito, Mexicali and Tecate. During the last month of 2007, several groups of police officers in these Baja cities have already turned over their guns and other weapons to the military who will in turn process and test these weapons to make certain that they have been legally issued and have not been used for any illicit acts.

Due to the high number of previous reports stating that tourists have been supposedly extorted by people declaring themselves as local policemen, this positive step and several others are being taken by local officials in Baja California. Other such steps taken by Baja officials and supported by the governor of Baja California includes polygraph screening and tests which police officials in Tecate have all already undergone in the aim of discovering their inclusion in illegal or improper activities.

A monthly performance bonus of $250 will also begin January of 2008 as another means of preventing police officers from turning to extortion and other illegal acts. Almost a hundred officers trained from police academies would also be added to the present police force in the coming months, some of which would be stationed as part of a special and newly created tourist police force in Baja California.

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