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Baja Overview

The Baja Peninsula offers a variety of vacation destinations for any type of traveler. Whether you are looking to live the lavish life in Los Cabos, or do some fishing in La Paz – Baja offers a complete getaway from the regular ways of life.

Allow to take you through a guided tour starting just south of San Diego in Tijuana all the way down to the tip of the peninsula in Los Cabos. We cover every aspect of your travel needs – there is no need to look any further!

Tijuana – Just across the boarder of San Diego you will find a complete culture change. Perfect for the day trip getaway or those that are looking to experience the crazy nightlife that Tijuana Mexico has to offer!

Mexicali – Another border town that offers a great look into the culture of the Baja Peninsula. Mexicali Mexico offers a wide range of specialty shops as well as a peak into traditional Mexican dining.

Rosarito – Get out your bathing suit because in Rosarito Mexico you will be enjoying some of the finest beaches that the world has to offer. Truly a water fanatics dream vacation!

Ensenada – Just south of Rosarito you stumble upon Ensenada Mexico. Known as a tourist city that accommodates a flare for the beaches as well as shopping and dining. The nightlife in Ensenada is lively as well!

Loreto – Located on the Sea of Cortez, Loreto Mexico is the oldest city on the Baja Peninsula. This historic city is making huge waves in the real estate market. Not too bad for a fishing city!

La Paz – Shopping and fun in the sun is what La Paz Mexico is all about. Also located on the Sea of Cortez, this gulf side city is becoming a hotbed of tourism and real estate

Todos Santos – A surfers paradise! If a water filled action vacation is what you are looking for, Todos Santos is your place to visit!

Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas) – The largest vacation destination on the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos features the most amazing resorts in the world, along with plenty of activities for all ages!

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