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Baja Lifeguards Save 3 Tourists

Two members of the Rosarito Beach Lifeguard rescue team were recognized as local heroes after they rescued three tourists from drowning at sea on May 14, 2008. Alan Preciado Garcia and Genesis Damian Perez, the two aforementioned lifeguards in Rosarito Beach, were surveying the waters when the emergency incident came to their notice. They instantly assessed the situation to look for the safest and fastest possibly way to rescue the swimmers and were in the water in a flash. They conducted the rescue with one man swimming to the drowning victims and the other on a jet ski. Nervous friends of the tourists watched from the shore as their friends were rescued and brought back to safety by the Rosarito lifeguards.

According to the report, the three tourists drifted farther away from the shore because of the strong under current in the deeper parts of the sea. Rosarito beach has a reputation for having powerful currents way out in the open waters which often change into unpredictable courses which is why the Lifeguard rescue team warned swimmers to stay in shallow waters or on low parts of the shore. The three swimmers however, were very confident about their swimming skills and ignored the warnings.

“Aside from constant verbal warnings and advise to swimmers not to venture out to the water because the currents would make it hard for them to return shore, we also gave out flyers to inform swimmers of the currents and courses in the deeper parts of the water”, says the lifeguards.

In previous years, the death rate reached up to 12 drowned swimmers in just a single year because of lack of information and short number of lifeguards. Things improved however, as the lifeguard rescue team was formed and trained and this year, no fatalities have happened. According tot he Rosarito beach rescue team, they would also be sending members to train in San Diego to further improve their knowledge and techniques in saving people.

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