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Baja for Boys

by Leo Antonio Velasquez

Gender stereotypes aside, it is a well-known fact that Baja Californiamakes for a wonderful boys’ night out venue. There are plenty ofactivities, perfect for day and night, that involves risks, adrenaline rush and plenty of beautiful girls. Whether you are a college student or a sixty year old grandfather, the giddy hormone-charged boy in you will sure to appreciate a trip across the border.

You might say that I am already a Baja California expert when it comes to finding enjoyable activities that those belonging to the male sex are sure to like. I have lived in San Diego, California for more that seven years now, and from the moment I found out that a week’s trip to Baja California is just a skip over the international border away (a drive that takes less than 30 minutes in fact), I have visited Baja cities such as Tijuana and Mexicali several times over the years.

I bet guys will like the fact that staying or vacationing Baja California is definitely cheaper that if you were to go to Las Vegas or New York. Everything from the hotel rates, restaurant prices, transportation fares and other things that require payment are relatively lower than in the United States. If you stay at an affordable hotel, dine in affordable restaurants, and spend as little of your budget on cab fares and bus tickets, you are sure to be left with plenty of money for other more enjoyable activities that Baja California can offer.

The first thing I suggest you to see is a bullfight in Baja California. At the moment, only the municipalities of Mexicali and Tijuana have their own bullfighting arenas. Both these municipalities are found at the southernmost portion of the Baja California peninsula, meaning they are found directly along the international border and are the nearest Baja municipalities to San Diego. Mexicali’s bullfighting ring is called Plaza Calafia and is found near the tourist district of Mexicali. Tijuana on the other hand, has two bullfighting rings: the Plaza Monumental and the El Toreo de Tijuana. The bullfights in Tijuana usually start during the afternoons on Sundays, but I suggest that you check the schedules to see if there are any special events and bullfights to take place. Although not something that animal activists and those who are queasy with blood will appreciate, the bullfights are deeply rooted in Mexican culture and are symbolic of male virility and masculinity.

Another great place to go to in Baja that involves animals is the greyhound racing tracks in Tijuana. Here, beautiful and well-trained greyhounds compete against in other in proving who is the fastest and most agile of all. Of course, betting is also a big factor that determines the entertainment value of this activity because of the risk factor involved.

A gambling possibility aside from the usual casinos that Baja can offer is Jai Alai. Jai Alai games have long been a source of entertainment and excitement for Mexicans since several decades ago. Just be careful not to enjoy it too much by gambling all your vacation money.

And of course, there is also the red light district of Zona Norte found in Tijuana. It must be said that plenty of tourists and vacationers that are male stop by the Zona Norte at some point of their trip in Baja in order to see for themselves the notoriously popular red light district. You can find anything from strip clubs, bars, nightclubs, cabarets and even legal brothels operating in this strip.

When it comes to sports activities, Baja California offers plenty of options to choose from. There is sports fishingkayakingcampingdesert biking,snorkelingswimminggolfingmotocross racing and many more. Recreational facilities offering these activities can be found all over the entire Baja California peninsula and are usually offered in exchange for affordable rates.

Finally, the wild and exhilarating parties are another reason that plenty of guys love going to Baja. Whether you go to a in TijuanaEnsenadaLos Cabos or La Paz, you are bound to enjoy the company of plenty of young, fun people from all over the world. There are also a number of beach parties taking place all around the pristine beaches found lining the shores of the Baja California peninsula.

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