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Baja Californias Rising Medical Tourism

Although the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico is known for its active tourism industry, a new kind of tourism is quickly gaining momentum in Baja. Medical tourism has found a host in Baja California and many residents from the United States who require certain medical procedures and operations to be done to them are crossing the border and traveling south to Baja California.

The reasons why many Americans are choosing to go to foreign countries such as Mexico to have their medical procedures taken is the result of several causes. For one, many health insurers in the United States who want to save money offer their insured clients savings and discounts if they go to other countries to for non-emergency medical procedures and treatments such as back pain, muscle pain etc. Since Mexico is just south of the border, many Americans would go here instead of some other far away country which would cost them more on airfare, lodgings and medical bills.

According to Josef Woodman, the author of a book entitled “Patients Beyond Borders”, more than 180,000 US residents travel to other countries for medical treatments every year. That means they spend more than 2 billion dollars on medical expenses and foreign health providers in just one year.

And the low cost of medical treatments in countries such as Mexico and Indonesia also attract many Americans who cannot afford medical treatments in the US due to lack of funds of lack of an insurance policy. The cost of replacing a hip in Mexico for instance, is a mere $12,000 which is only a quarter of the cost of the same procedure here in the United States. Angioplasty, which is a blocked heart artery operation, costs just $10,000 in Mexico but in the United States, it can cost more than $80,000.

American patients are encouraged to fully research the hospital and doctors who are suppose to perform whatever medical procedure is needed to be done on you. They are also warned not to be swayed by the extremely low cost of foreign medical procedures that may endanger their health and lives if not properly done and maintained.

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