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Baja Beaches for Babies

by Cassandra Boudreau

Compared to frigidly cold town in Manitoba, Canada where we live, the peninsula of Baja California is a land of ceaseless sunshine and endless oceans. I’ve first come to Baja California when I was still a college student and I spent one summer vacation there learning Spanish with some other classmates of mine. And the second time I went back to the picturesque peninsula was just last March when I again enjoyed the sun and the waves in Baja, this time as a married woman with a one-year old baby boy and a devoted husband.

I was actually a little unsure whether our little baby Walter would be comfortable with the heat and sand that can be quite overwhelming in Baja beaches. Scared that he’d keep on crying because of the heat, we brought a mini fan that runs on batteries which we could use in case the baby does feel too hot. We also bought a lot of baby powder, lotions, baby oil, cooling gels and wet wipes in order to keep sweat and sand from causing baby rashes all over his chubby little body. And of course, we stocked up on sun screen to keep him from getting sunburns.

We easily found the hotel shuttle the moment we exited the airport in Los Cabos which took us to the resort hotel we have booked a month ago. The room, I have to tell you, was absolutely fabulous. Unlike the common type, mediocre hotel room my college classmates and I stayed in several years ago, the hotel suite we were staying in was worlds above it in terms of comfort, amenities and decoration.

The moment you open the doors of the 74th floor suite, the spectacle that is the Land’s End Beach can be viewed from the wide windows. Even Walter who has never seen a beach before seemed astounded by the sight and he just stared outside for several minutes dripping saliva on his bib while sucking away at a bottle. Another great feature of the room is that the bedsheets, bed pillows, blankets, throw pillows and even the material on the sofa are clean and hypo allergenic so we didn’t need to worry about them irritating a baby’s sensitive skin. The carpet was also very clean, thick and soft which made it safe for the baby to walk and crawl around on his own.

After a delicious lunch at the hotel restaurant, we headed straight to the beach to let our child walk on sand and see the waves for the very first time. At first, Walter seemed confused by the glittering waters and the crashing sound on the shore. He kept on turning his head this way and that, his little eyes hungrily taking in the new sights he was seeing.

The sand was also something of interest to him. When my husband tried to make him stand on it, he kept on folding his knees back to keep his toes from touching the sand. A little later on though, he tried touch it and scooping some up with his hands and clutching hard at it. He had to keep him away from the sand cause he was already trying to scoop some out with the bright little plastic shovel he had and throw it around and we were worried some would get into his eyes.

While lounging for a while on the shore, we kept him under the large shady beach umbrella at all times since we were afraid of him getting sunburns. And then we took him in the water with us for just a few minutes, around 30 I think, just so he could feel how cool the water was. As expected, he went hysterical when I first tried to submerge his legs in water. A few minutes and a couple of soothing sounds however, changed his mind. We took a lot of pictures of him splashing the water with his hands while my husband or I carried him.

After that, we rinsed off the salty water off him in one of the outdoor showers on the beach and dried him off. Walter instantly feel asleep just a couple of minutes after we laid him down on the beach blanket and slept a good hour and a half. He woke up refreshed and recharged, ready again to explore Baja’s beach.

Wait for the second part of baby Walter’s first even Baja trip. I’ll post it soon, promise!

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