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Bahia Asuncion in the Vizcaino desert

If you are not yet familiar with the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, then you might not be able to fully appreciate the idea the the town of Bahía Asunción is located right at the very heart and center of this area. The El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve is actually the largest reserve and wildlife refuge not just in Baja California or in Mexico, but in the entire Latin American region. It has a landmass spanning more than 25,000 square kilometers, and that does not even include the water mass considered that is part of the area.

There are many features and characteristics that makes El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve such a special area. For one, this natural reserve has a unique geographical location and even more unique physical characteristics. It is found in the middle of Baja California peninsula where it is nestled between the Pacific Ocean on its west and the Sea of Cortez in its east. The fishing town of Bahía Asunción is very fortunate to be located within the El Vizcaino Reserve because it benefits from the abundance and bio-diversity of the region. Aside from an array of fishes and smaller marine life forms, El Vizcaino, and consequently Bahia Asuncion as well, is visited by gray whales for several months every year.

Thousands of gray whales and other whale species swim towards the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean along the shores of Bahía Asunción during the months of February until early June in order to soak up the warm waters which is a relief after being immersed in frigid icy waters during the fall and winter months. Not only that but these majestic behemoths also come to Bahía Asunción because they find the place a perfect area to give birth to their young.

Although there are several other places in the planet where whale watching is possible, Bahía Asunción is one of the very few places that visitors will see not just mature, large whales but newly born whale calves as well. The region is considered as the largest ever whale calving lagoon in the entire planet, and believe it or not, almost half of the grey whale population in the entire world is born right here in EL Vizcaino at Bahía Asunción.

And don’t think that Bahía Asunción whale watching is a boring activity where guests would just look through binoculars while standing along the beach and shores, occasionally getting a fleeting glimpse of a tail or a spout of water from a blowhole. In Bahía Asunción whale watching, you can get to see these gentle giants up close and maybe even get the chance to touch their humongous barnacle-covered heads. Whale watching tours and boats would take you out to the ocean and you can experience being at arm’s length from these large plankton eating mammals. It is a wonderful experience you should not miss. So plan your Bahía Asunción whale watching trip now since you only have February until early June to experience it!

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