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Bahia Asuncion general information

Clearly the small fishing town of Bahía Asunción in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico is one of the most appealing little towns that tourists and vacationers would want to visit, that is if they know about it. Considered by many as a well-kept secret, Bahía Asunción is a small piece of paradise of heaven, whichever you prefer really, that would induce anyone anywhere on earth to jump on a plane, a boat or a car and travel here to see for themselves the culture and natural wonders that a such a small place can contain.

Although the peninsula of Baja California is seen by many as a place divided in two, Baja California Norte with its large cities on the north and Baja California Sur with its pristine beaches in the south, Bahía Asunción can derive its characteristics from a mixture of both areas since it is located in the middle of the peninsula. As it is located on the west, the town is shouldered by the vast, blue and abundant Pacific Ocean where this fishing village mainly derives its main industries and attractions.

Speaking of attractions, there are many of those as well as recreational activities that Bahía Asunción can offer. Having such beautiful beaches and an ecologically diverse body of water, it comes as no surprise to know that Bahía Asunción fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing and whale watching are world class.

Amenities and facilities that would provide convenience and security to visitors and guests can also be found in Bahía Asunción including an airstrip, hospital, gasoline station, convenience stores, drugs stores, police station, fire department station and local government offices. There are also several restaurants, equipment rentals, accommodation lodgings and shops in Bahía Asunción.

And because the town is part of the El Vizcaino Biosphere Preserve which is the largest there is in Latin America, nature and beautiful surroundings is always just a step away wherever you are in Bahía Asunción, Baja California.

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