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All kinds of food in Mexicali

Tourists and vacation-seekers alike are never disappointed when it comes to dining in Mexicali. This is due to the fact that Mexicali has a wide array restaurants to choose from. In addition, Mexicali is among the most racially diverse cities in Mexico. It’s residents include Europeans, Middle Eastern, Africans, and people from Asian descent. This has helped contribute to the diversity of the food found in Mexicali.

The first and foremost cuisine in mind is, of course, Mexican. After all, no Mexican city is complete without first-class Mexican food. And Mexicali does not disappoint. With lots of local Mexican dishes from the many different restaurants, visitors will always leave with a satisfied smile on their faces. Among the most popular Mexican Restaurants is Cenaduria Selecta. Serving one of the best local cuisines in the city, this restaurant is a favorite among both locals and foreigners alike. The place is always packed with eager customers waiting in line for a taste of authentic, affordable Mexican dishes. Other notable restaurants are El Sarape and La Parroquia.

Those seeking a taste of German food can find comfort at the Restaurant-Bar Heidelberg. Gourmet sausages and overflowing beer are among the favorites in this place.

Mandolino serves zesty Italian food for those who are in the mood for great pasta and pizza. Authentic traditional Italian food is their specialty, as well as fine Italian wines to go along with their great food. Another great stop spot is Grasso’s Italian Restaurant. Known for good food and beautiful ambiance, this restaurant is a wonderful romantic getaway for star-crossed lovers.

One of the biggest attractions in Mexicali would have to be the Chinese restaurants. In fact, Mexicali is known for having one of the finest Chinese food in the whole North American region. This can be attributed to the fact that this city houses the biggest number of Chinese residents in Mexico. They even have their own large Chinatown, called La Chinesca. Thanks to these people, tourists from all over the US and other countries always make it a point to have fine Chinese food whenever they their travels take them to Mexicali. Among the most popular is the Restaurant Dragon. Serving a wide variety of traditional Chinese dishes, this restaurant is another favorite among both local residents and tourists.

Mexicali is also home to other restaurants serving different cuisines. There are Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, French and African dishes to be found all over the city. No taste bud is left disappointed in Mexicali and it will always stay that way.

Visitors will never feel homesick when it comes to dining, thanks to the great selection of American food that can be found here. Whether you’re looking for fast food or restaurant dining, you won’t feel too far from home when it comes to eating. Among the more recognizable names are Applebee’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Church’s Chicken, Denny’s, Dominos Pizza, McDonald’s, and Jack in the Box.

Dining in Mexicali is a truly satisfying experience.

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