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A tour by the great Mexicali Baja California

Bordering the richest state in the United States is beautiful Mexicali, the capital not only of the municipality of Mexicali but of the whole of Baja California, Mexico. Come and visit this fine city full of history. Discover why none other than the legendary band, Grateful Dead, paid tribute to the city with their rock and roll classic �Mexicali Blues.� Soak in the rich culture Mexicali has to offer by visiting Teatro del Estado, Teatro de Casa de Cultura de Mexicali and many more! Shopping? The city boasts a diverse array of shopping malls like the Plaza La Cachanilla wh ere you can find a host of local Mexican products as well as the latest imports from the world over! If it�s music you�re into, then the Baja Prog festival is for you. A four day concert that feature 20 bands from all over the world in a series of progressive rock concerts! Truly, Mexicali has a lot to offer its tourists, so make your next vacation stop Mexicali!

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