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A surfing experience in Baja

Day 1

Miss the plane from Seattle to LA., no more flights today. Pissed off. Spend day in a Seattle hotel room.

Day 2

At the airport bright and early. Flights go smoothly. Arrive in Loreto airport around 2 PM air temp 105 degrees F. Dying from the heat. Sepp’s sister Cath and Josh Temple pick us up and we’re off to San Carlos. Crazy rain storm and Vern’s van almost dies crossing a flooded river. If we’re lucky that thing won’t die this week! Arrive in San Carlos and sleep.

Day 3

Wake up at dawn. Sepp’s hanging with Montezuma. Rent a boat and head to Isle Magdalena, drive through a really nice, clean town, and over some gnarly sand dunes to Magdalena Bay. Take another boat to a point, reeling with perfect rights

Day 4 – 5 – 6

Surf, photograph, and hangout in the shade. Meet and hang with some surfers from California. By the evening of day 6 we are sure that a hurricane will reach our camp within a day or two. Decide to evacuate camp early next morning.

Day 7

Wake at dawn to see one of our boats has been swept up onto the rocks by the storm. In an attempt to save the first boat, the second and only remaining boat, goes up on the rocks. No more transportation. Walk fourteen miles to nearest boat pick up. Arrive at pick up point late in the afternoon. That evening everyone is exhausted but at least we’re safe on the mainland.

Day 8 – 9 – 10

Wait out the hurricane on the mainland. Decide to check out Scorpion Bay. Arrive there evening of day 9, Scorpion Bay is rocking five to six feet. Surf and photograph for one day of Scorpion Bay perfection.

Day 11 – 12 – 13

Hangout in Loreto waiting for our plane home.

Day 14

Arrive in Victoria, BC and drive home to Tofino and the surf is up!

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