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A Learning Vacation

Coming from a third generation Spanish family living in the United States, my knowledge of my ancestors native tongue is limited if not close to none existent. My brothers and sisters have been raised with English as our first language, as well as my parents since both their families migrated here several decades ago in search of greener pastures.

I would be entering my second year in college in a few months time to taking up a course in European history. I have been finding it quite shameful to have some background in German and French languages but barely enough knowledge to have a decent conversation in Spanish. Thus, I have decided to take some proactive steps to remedy this lack of personal sense of history before diving into the centuries deep history of Europe where Spain, my motherland, is part of.

Many friends of mine have suggested that I go to the nearest Spanish speaking country to the United States, the Republic of Mexico. So after several weeks of surfing the net, emailing contacts and calling different school offices in search for language school candidates, I have finally decided to spend four weeks in Ensenada, Baja California in Mexico for a month-long education on Spanish.

The Ensenada Center of Languages seemed like the best place to seek an education in the Spanish Language. For one, the university that I am enrolled in would credit the Spanish Language course I am to take in Ensenada’s Center of Languages, saving me plenty of money and time in the process. The Center of Languages in”>Ensenada, Baja California also has more than 20 years of language education under their belt, with a great background and focus on Spanish making it a very promising educational institution due to its expertise and long teaching experience.

The school offers weekend and one-week courses which would be be a great start for beginners wanting to learn the basics of the language. I however, have signed up for a month long program to make the most of the Spanish language lessons that the school can offer me. Surprisingly, the tuition fee rates are not that expensive, and you get more and more discounts the longer you stay and study at the Ensenada Center of Languages.

When it comes to your living accommodations during the duration of you stay in Ensenada studying at the Center for Languages, there are several lodging accommodations that you can choose from. For students who want to experience Ensenada as a vacation and tourist capital in Baja California, they can opt to stay in one of the many hotels and resorts located near the school. There are also several RV parks for those who have brought their own RVs and trailers, and those who are on a limited budget can stay at one of the many clean and cozy inns and motels in Ensenada City.

However, I find that the best way to learn Spanish is not just through lessons and books but also through speaking with native speakers. Thus, I decided to join the Spanish Immersion program wherein the students would stay with a host family while studying in the Center so that they can practice the language with native speakers as well as get firsthand insight on Spanish and Mexican culture. After a month of studying and immersion in Spanish language and culture, I could finally say “Soy Listo!” when I return to college.

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