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A Great Shark Attack Soon to Happen in Baja

Famous professional golfer Greg Norman who is also known through the nickname “The Shark” recently gained publicity in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico in connection with the 18-hole golf course he is planned to design in partnership with Bay View Grand Properties or BVG.

Greg Norman has gained wide acclaim all over the world due to his impressive skills and talent in the game of golf, and he visited Bajamar, Ensenada in Baja California early in March in order to formalize this said partnership with BVG that would eventually lead to the construction of a new 18-hole golf course in La Costa (formerly known as La Punta) Luxury Resort. This Baja luxury resort would be easily accessible whether you are coming from Rosarito, Ensenada or Tijuana City as the resort development is around 77 kilometers off the scenic tourist highway connecting Tijuana City to the capital city of Ensenada.

Part of the large group of notable personalities who came to welcome Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman included Baja California Governor Osuma Millan, Baja Secretary of Tourism Oscar Escobedo and former Baja Governor Ernesto Ruffo Appel.

The recent onslaught of negative publicity and troubling reports of tourist extortion in Baja California Norte, combined with the fluctuating US economy, has greatly caused negative effects on Baja California Norte’s tourism industry. Hopefully, projects such as that of Greg Norman and Bay View Grand Properties would help alleviate this situation in the peninsula.

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