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66 million dollars alloted to improve Tijuana

The much awaited budget for the improvement of the Tijuana sewage system has finally been issued on the 19th of December 2007. Mexico’s congress allocated 66 million dollars for the improvement of the border city’s sewage coming from the Tijuana River. The wastewater coming from the Tijuana River has long been a problem in the city and the 66 million dollar budget would be spend on treating the wastewater in the river.

Although congress has already set aside the budget, there is still no further developments made reagrding the realization of this planned improvement in Tijuana. There are still many questions on everyone’s minds left unanswered such as where the new Tijuana River wastewater treatment facility is to be built, who would handle and be responsible for the project, and who would be hired to construct this much-awaited and much needed facility. Hopefully, answers to these questions would be found right away to ensure the health of the public and the improvement of the city.

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